Webinar: Finding the Win/Win in Promotional Spend

Webinar: Finding the Win/Win in Promotional Spend

With a nation of cautious consumers, CPG retailers and manufacturers find that satisfying consumer needs, growing category (or market) sales and remaining profitable continue to be very complex challenges. Never far from focus, trade promotion remains a key lever in generating sales volume, but determining who really benefits from promotional lift – consumers, manufacturers, retailers or all – requires a deeper investigation.

Recent enhancements to the ‘Promotional Demand Framework’ have revealed additional findings, trends and implications for CPG marketers and retailers alike. As the framework has evolved, improved clarity and new areas of opportunity have come to light, with additional new-to-market indicators now available. This webinar discusses:

  • Why not all incremental volume is created – or valued – equally
  • Why an increase in volume is not always optimal, or even a win-win proposition
  • How specific categories can vary widely in generating promotional ROI
  • Why collaborative trade promotion planning is needed
  • A framework for how retailers and manufacturers can collectively optimize trade promotions


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Webinar: Finding the Win/Win in Promotional Spend

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