Cultivating Multicultural Success: From Opportunity to Growth

Cultivating Multicultural Success: From Opportunity to Growth

In the U.S., population shifts have created new opportunities to market to increasingly important buyers in multicultural segments: Hispanics, African Americans and Asians.  While the opportunity is well documented, the keys to success can be elusive.  

In this webinar, Nielsen experts share the results of a comprehensive survey of over 40 major CPG manufacturers, retailers, telecom and media companies. The study reveals some of the important characteristics and best practices that distinguish organizations who are growing revenue and share with multicultural consumers.  Through an in-depth analysis, critical success factors across entire organizations are identified and evaluated, resulting in key insights into how to grow your business with multicultural consumers. More specifically:

  • What value do top-performing companies place on reaching and understanding multicultural consumer groups?
  • Which organizational and operational factors are common to those companies most focused on multicultural audiences? 
  • Which marketing strategies have been proven successful in reaching and engaging multicultural consumer groups?
  • How do top companies measure engagement and what tools are used to determine success?


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Cultivating Multicultural Success: From Opportunity to Growth

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