Webinar: What Drives Return on Ad Spend?

Webinar: What Drives Return on Ad Spend?

 Unpacking Return on Ad Spend Benchmarks Across Media Platforms

Marketers are constantly challenged to prove that their advertising not only “works,” but that each dollar is spent where it will drive the highest financial returns. 

  • What sales and return should I expect from my advertising?
  • How do different media platforms compare?
  • How is the return impacted by the cost of media?
  • Does the creative type or category affect the results? Is return affected by brand characteristics?

To answer these questions, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) gathered a diverse team of industry experts to analyze the NCS database. For over 10 years, NCS has been measuring the effect of advertising on in-store sales, integrating retail purchase data with media exposure data. This has resulted in an extensive library of advertising benchmarks from more than 450 brands across an array of consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories.

This webinar helps marketers understand how their brand type impacts their return, and guide the multitude of decisions that affect a campaign such as creative, marketing mix and budgets. It’s never been more important to know your own numbers, how they stack up and how they can be improved. 

The webinar materials are available for download at the end of the video.