Store choice used to be centered around work hubs and transit routes, but COVID-19 health concerns and quarantines have pushed grocery spend out of busy city centers into the areas where people live. This seemingly small shift has tipped the retail landscape on its head. Today, some of the world’s highest revenue grocery stores are experiencing significant changes with polarizing growth levels – and this has major implications for both retailers and brands.

In our recent webinar – Shop-Shifting: Recalibrating for the Re-routed Spread of Spend – we summarize our findings from an investigation of store-level analysis across 15 countries. Due to movement restrictions and altered travel routines, the concentration, composition and ranking of the world’s high turnover stores is in major flux with billions of dollars in sales shifting to stores that were previously seen as a lower priority for brands.

With these changes, store importance, location and priorities need to be reassessed. Retailers and brands will need to re-plot where, when and how people shop, and adapt their focus to meet the consumers’ product needs in the places they now frequent.

Tune in to our webinar playback and discover how Nielsen can help you to rethink and redirect your resources to where growth is coming from now and in the future.