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Connecting Data, Clients and Partners at CoNEXTions

The proliferation of data, accelerated pace of business and rapid advancement of digital technologies have created a global environment where success is dependent on connections. The need to connect data, science and technology was a key theme at this week’s CoNEXTions conferencean event designed to foster collaboration and partnership within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry to identify and capitalize on “What’s Next.”

“No one company has all the skills, data and technology to solve the challenges seen in today’s business environment, but we at Nielsen believe that, collectively, we can find those answers through the power of partnering up,” explained Chris Morley, President of U.S. FMCG and Retail at Nielsen, from the event’s main stage as he introduced the Nielsen Connected System. As the industry’s first truly open, cloud-based and highly scalable technology, the new system is designed to allow data to seamlessly flow in and out of the platform. This allows our clients to work with third parties of their choice; and many of these collaborations are already happening through the Nielsen Connected Partner Program.

The program, which began just eight months ago, has 30 partners who are leveraging client’s Nielsen data in many ways: from data management and visualization to additional analytical capabilities and program execution. Through these collaborations, clients can make faster, smarter decisions.

“The Nielsen Connected Partner program allows you to have an omnichannel view of the customer journey,” said Tim Wilson, Vice President of Market Insights at 1010data. “Through the Connected Partner program, we can bring together a lot of different data sets to help you answer questions in the most seamless way possible.”

At this year’s conference, our Connected Partners played a pivotal role, showcasing their offerings in our Connected Partner Lab, as well as hosting sessions that dove deeper into the connections they’ve been able to create with Nielsen data.

“Understanding the changing consumer—that’s what we’re all about and why we came together with Nielsen,” noted Rich Wagner, founder and CEO of Prevedere, during a session that focused on how they’re using of artificial intelligence and Nielsen data to better forecast demand. “We put global economic and consumer behavior leading indicators together with Nielsen data into our cognitive computing to create predictive models. This modeling can be done in minutes, which means marketers are freed up to focus more on strategic decisions.”

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