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On the Record With Cheryl Grace

From celebrities to everyday women, #BlackGirlMagic is more than a hashtag that began in 2013. It’s become a movement that celebrates black women of all ages and backgrounds. In our recent Diverse Intelligence Series report on African-American consumers, African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic , we leverage  data to quantify  the magicgiving marketers a glimpse of how black women consume content, make purchasing decisions and continue to make advances in education and entrepreneurship.

In this edition of On the Record, Cheryl Grace, SVP, U.S. Strategic Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement sits down with Andrew McCaskill, SVP, Global Communications and Multicultural Marketing, to chat about why African-American women are not only “fabulous,” but are incredibly powerful consumers. Grace offers perspective on how black women use social media to elevate important causes and use cultural relevance to decide who wins and loses in online discussions about advertising and content.