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Scoring With Nielsen Live In Time for World Cup 2018

When the FIFA World Cup comes around every four years, the games attract an attentive global audience. During the last World Cup in 2014, approximately 3.2 billion viewers from around the world tuned in* to watch the game-winning goals. At the same time, more than three million attended the 64 matches in person, making more than three million food and beverage transactions at the stadiums over the course of the competition**. Whether watching on TV or taking a seat in the stadiums, these audiences provide the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with eager fans. But marketers need data to give them a clear picture of whether or not their products are “in play” on the field.

FIFA World Cup 2018 takes place in Russia, and brands are looking for the most current market insights and in-depth visibility of in-store conditions to manage their out of stocks and distribution throughout the matches. However, the market reality today is such that many brands develop insights days or weeks after the collection process has occurred, resulting in lost opportunities to correct those conditions quickly. While brands tracking their insights using these methods will likely still benefit from the crowds in Russia during this year’s World Cup, they could also miss out on key opportunities.

We’re excited to share that we’ve begun to pilot a new solution that will change how quickly brands can produce the insights they need to drive their business decisions. In time for the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Nielsen Live will deliver real-time data from Nielsen-visited stores to help brands manage their stock appropriately during the matches. The solution will also help our clients identify out of stocks after a semi-final or assurance of product distribution prior to a big match.

To provide an example of the power of Nielsen Live, in the chart below, we will share the daily distribution percentages for four key categories—carbonated soft drinks, beer, energy drinks and cigarettes. The percentages will represent the cumulative distribution for example products from several industry leaders across 11 Russian market breakdowns.

Our clients will access this self-service tool via an integrated mobile app that allows them to track updates to the live insight feed. Using data from Nielsen’s Quality Control Tower program, they’ll be able to track stock and distribution levels, as well as promotion success, in real-time from anywhere.  

We are reimagining the world for our clients and enabling them to think big. They can now leverage large sporting events that attract millions of consumers and manage their stocks and sales effectively. We are starting with a pilot in Russia, as well as 12 additional markets, and aiming for global expansion in the future. Nielsen is defining what’s next in retail measurement services.

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