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Uncovering the Secrets of Working Effectively With Retail Data

For brand marketers and manufacturers, understanding their coverage—what consumers buy versus they shipped—is crucial to evaluating how well (or poorly) a brand performs. But understanding coverage can be extremely challenging. Brands are sold in stores both big and small in countries across the globe. To get a true picture of a brand’s performance, data first needs to be aggregated and then analyzed.

At Nielsen, we do the hard work of gathering sales information from more than 900,000 stores, from large supermarkets to convenience stores, in various markets for more than 100 countries. As a result, we’re able to put a metric to coverage, which we’ve defined as the proportion of a manufacturer’s shipments represented by Nielsen’s reported sales in the retail trade. But having the right data is just the first step; brand marketers and manufacturers need to be able to effectively use this data to uncover brand performance and market trends.

To help our clients better understand their coverage, we recently launched a new training website, The Ultimate Guide to Nielsen Retail Measurement Services. The site provides an engaging new way for our manufacturer and retail clients to realize how they can maximize their Nielsen data potential.  

“The Ultimate Guide to Nielsen RMS represents our commitment and investment in empowering our clients to use our data effectively and efficiently to drive business growth and make the right market investments to drive ROI,” said Mark Hogan, Client Engagement and Deployment Leader, Nielsen. “The new website will serve as a single source of education on how to our clients can maximize their business potential by truly leveraging Nielsen data to their advantage and uncover the most important consumer trends and shifts that will influence future growth.”

The various videos, job aids and interactive activities will help our clients understand coverage, its influences and the various market dynamics that come into play. Brand marketers and manufacturers can use the interactive activities to test their knowledge on the subject and to connect theory with application. They have the opportunity to learn how to work with Nielsen data, but also how to get the most out of it to grow their business.

We will continue to build upon the new training website and feature more topics, including how to ensure data quality and how to use sales, distribution, pricing and promotion data. For more information about how Nielsen captures and analyzes the data that underpins our best-in-class global measurement, visit Nielsen’s Retail Measurement Overview and Nielsen Around the World.