Nielsen Global Procurement and Supplier Engagement

Register with Nielsen Connect’s Ariba Network

After separation, both Nielsen Media and Nielsen Connect will continue to partner with Ariba to transact business electronically through the Ariba® Network. Ariba improves and streamlines our procurement and accounts payable processes with an automated solution. Most suppliers are already enabled, and have established a connection with Nielsen Media’s Ariba Network. In order to transact with Connect, you will need to establish a connection with Nielsen Connect’s Ariba Network as these companies will function on separate Ariba Networks.

A New, Streamlined Process

We are pleased to announce a new initiative to streamline our procurement and accounts payable processes. Nielsen is partnering with SAP Ariba to fulfill our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents. We are requesting that you partner with us on this key initiative.

The Ariba Project

In order to fulfill our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents, Nielsen will be migrating all of it’s P2P (Procure to Pay) processes into the digital era. This will bring our suppliers many benefits such as real-time PO delivery, the use of online catalogs and invoice automation. Vendors will also be able to track payments in real time from Nielsen via the Ariba Network. No more manual process, no more printing documents, and more effective communication between Nielsen and our suppliers!

Register an account with Ariba (Step 1)

  • Create an Ariba account to become a Nielsen vendor and use the Ariba Commerce Cloud capabilities.
  • Update user preferences and review notification settings.

Register as a New Supplier with Nielsen (Step 2)

  • This is located in the The Nielsen Company requested fields section of your Ariba network profile.

How to enable through Ariba

Accept TRR (Step 3)

After Registering as a new supplier, enabling through Ariba with an Enterprise Account is the next step. Next, an Agent from SAP will send an email on Nielsen’s behalf, requesting that you establish a connection in the Ariba Network. This leads to the next step, accepting the Trading Relationship Request (TRR).  If you already a supplier, Nielsen will reach out to you once a Purchase Order is initiated. 

If you choose to use the Standard Account version of Ariba (FREE),  the Trading Relationship Request (TRR) all of this will be established in an email following the first Purchase Order. 

  • After Nielsen approves you as a supplier, a Trading Relationship Request will be sent from the Ariba network establishing the connection between your company and Nielsen .

Complete E-invoicing (Step 4)

  • Configure routing IDs and notification tasks

Ariba Project and Rules

How to sign up for Ariba Pay (Step 5)

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions or comments regarding Nielsen’s transformation to Ariba, please contact