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Perfecting Your product: Where do you stand?

Based on over 600 validated in-market launches, repeat potential is the best indicator of success when developing your product. Products that score in the top 20% of repeat are 15 times more likely to succeed than those in the bottom 20%, and marketers are leaning on the methodologies that give them the best insight into this metric:

Home Use Testing

9 out of 10 researchers

agree that In Home Use Testing (IHUT) is the most accurate assessment of repeat potential compared to Central Location Testing (CLT) or Focus Groups


from the warehouse to the consumer’s home. IHUT is the safe way to test your product.

Deliver on Expectations

Launching a product that delivers on consumer expectations can increase its year 1 volume by 30% compared to one that doesn’t—so meeting these expectations is key. But many marketers don’t do their due diligence to find out if their new product will meet expectations as often as they’d like. So how does your attitude compare to other companies’ when it comes to perfecting your product in the final stages of development?

30% More Y1 Volume

Increased testing leads to increased success

47% of researchers

47% of researchers

spend less time testing the product experience than they think they should

Two thirds


believe that skipping this step is most likely to impact future success of the product



Is the biggest roadblock to product testing before the final launch investment

Product Performance and Amazon Star Rating

It’s also extremely important to resist the urge to launch before you’re ready. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially when product disloyalty is at an all-time high. Therefore, taking a “launch and learn” or “optimize in flight” approach once a product is available online introduces unnecessary risk, particularly when you consider the ramifications of bad reviews. Having a good product the first time around is critical. In looking at several products that were tested with Nielsen BASES and then launched on, we see a strong correlation between a product’s ranking in the BASES database and the product rating online, both of which signal higher chance of continued success.

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