Retail Analytics For AWG Retailers

Optimize your merchandising strategy to maximize profit and traffic

How We Help Retailers

You strive to meet your customers requirements by offering the right assortment of products at the right value. However, according to Nielsen RMS data from 2019, 40% of items are mis-priced at the average retailer. With the Nielsen Retail Analytics offer through AWG, you’ll be able to implement the optimal price, promotion and or assortment strategy that balances your unique needs while considering the remaining market’s performance.

Price Position

Increase efficiency and the big picture

by augmenting your data and accounting for all the things that can affect customer shopping.

Exception Report

Adapt as the market changes

by constantly monitoring and prioritizing what to do next with automation and predictive methods.

Exception Report

Create a Bigger Return on Investment

by increasing the data literacy of your entire organization with unlimited access to a suite of easy to use online reports.

Analyze What Matters to you

Through your partnership with AWG, we are excited to offer you 3 exclusive packages. Each of these packages was designed with you in mind and industry best practices to deliver a suite of options that drives your merchandising strategy towards optimal.

Package 1

What is my price compared to the market?

Package 2

What is my price compared to the market?

What should I do with my price?

Package 3

What is my price compared to the market?

What should I do with my price?

How should I adjust assortment?

Results our clients have seen