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Nielsen Launches SmartStore Solution in South Africa

This week, we launched Nielsen’s new SmartStore solution in South Africa. This is the sixth country in the world where we’ve introduced SmartStore—a realistic and immersive simulation of a 3D and 360 degree, multiple scenario store environment for shopper measurement. The solution is also available in Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico and United Arab Emirates.

Kim Reddy presents South African shopper trends
Kim Reddy presents on South Africa’s shopper landscape.

The South Africa launch kicked off with a welcome address by Kerith Botha, Managing Director – Buy, South Africa, Nielsen. Kim Reddy, Consumer Insights Lead, South Africa, Nielsen, followed with a presentation covering South Africa’s shopper landscape, as well as the evolving shopper habits around the world. She also touched upon the growing need to measure shoppers at the ‘moment of truth’ to better understand how shoppers think and act when they are in a shopping environment, and that’s where Nielsen’s SmartStore solution comes in.

SmartStore helps retailers and manufacturers measure, evaluate and optimize a range of retail concepts on sales and profit, based on how shoppers react in any store format. It helps measure the effectiveness of point of sale merchandise (POSM) based on what shoppers “see, think and do.”

Erin Feeney demonstrates the SmartStore solution
Erin Feeney demonstrates the SmartStore solution.

Erin Feeney, Consumer Insights Global Client Solutions Leader, Nielsen, then showed how the solution works with a live demo and took the attendees through the capabilities and benefits of the SmartStore solution.

SmartStore is designed to radically transform how the industry conducts shopper research today by creating a remarkably realistic and immersive simulation of a total store environment. It eliminates the unnecessary risk of trial-and-error execution, as things can be perfected prior to launch, thus providing retailers and manufacturers the benefit of cost, time and flexibility. The beauty of SmartStore is that it allows us to custom build different scenarios, according to client specifications and their research needs. It helps build confidence in commercial results and provides measurable ROI on research investment.

We are excited about this solution, as SmartStore will drive greater insights into shopper behavior and help to build collaborative partnership between retailers and manufacturers in South Africa.