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The Importance of Balanced Marketing Strategies

1 minute read | July 2021

Brands and consumers continue to bounce back after a very difficult 2020, and interest in many pre-pandemic routines are on the rise. For many marketers, that means it’s time to re-engage with consumers in ways that aren’t in some way connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. And as they think about their campaigns and tactics, new Nielsen research highlights the risks associated with leaning too heavily into strategies focused on short-term sales.

Conversion-oriented marketing has gained momentum in recent years, especially amid last year’s pullback in global ad spend. But an over-reliance on short-term sales drivers among many brands results in an unbalanced marketing strategy. In marketing, balance is key. To learn more about the importance of marketing strategies that incorporate both short- and long-term initiatives, we recently spoke with Cara Kantrowitz, Vice President, Solutions Consulting. In our discussion, Cara speaks to the fact that true, long-term business growth won’t come from conversion-focused efforts alone.


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