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Devices Proliferate but Television Dominates

2 minute read | Caroline Atford, Executive Director | March 2015

The majority of New Zealand TV households have multiple technologies available — giving these consumers significant choice in viewing options at their fingertips, from video clips of Grumpy Cat to the latest episode of a favourite TV show.

The recent Nielsen multi-screen report found that Kiwis watched 20.5 hours per week of broadcast television in the last seven days. That stands as evidence that television itself boasts high penetration rates. In fact, 97% of New Zealand homes have a television set and the amount of time using the TV set has further increased with the addition of time spent watching non-broadcast content (such as gaming and internet viewing).

Our video diet is primarily from television, which reaches 92% of the New Zealand population across a week, but we have also been dining on video on our connected devices. The tablet becomes the choice for individual viewing when other household members have the large screen or there is a programme of interest online. Over three and a half hours per week of video content viewing is on tablets and undertaken by 16% of the population. The smartphone is for entertainment when out and about or following along on hot topics on social media. More than one-in-five New Zealanders watch video on their smartphone and spend on average 3.7 hours a week

Increased viewing on digital platforms to both native digital content and TV-produced content, as well as the rise of video-on-demand (VOD), is growing the consumption of video including broadcast content.

Focusing specifically on TV video content, there are 3.55 million Kiwis who watch content on a traditional set. There are 930,000 Kiwis who watch on internet enabled devices, of these 160,000 people only watch TV content online. The additional TV time adds 1.5 hours per week to a viewers’ schedule, taking the average weekly television viewing for New Zealanders to 22 hours.

To understand today’s changing audience behaviour measurement is transforming to capture and accurately value the content’s total audience, regardless of device.

Click download now for a complete copy of Nielsen’s New Zealand Multi-Screen Report.

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