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Uncover the complex customer journey with modern attribution measurement

1 minute read | March 2022

As the media ecosystem is moving toward a cookieless future, all brands and advertisers are searching for sustainable multi-touch attribution solutions to understand their customers’ journey and make smart media decisions. To optimise marketing investments, how can Barceló leverage first-party data to deterministically make sense of customer journeys? Barceló and Nielsen went through a thorough process of discovery and design testing and retesting, involving analysts, technical and product experts from both companies.

Nielsen ID resolution system utilizes persistent, device-agnostic identifiers, enabling Nielsen to verify demographic characteristics and media exposure over time across all media. With Nielsen’s attribution solution, Barceló was able to uncover unattributed conversations and redistribute the credit across paid and organic channels. Barceló is able to effectively monitor campaigns daily, test unlimited budget allocation scenarios, optimize its advertising spend and activation strategy across media channels.

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