Webinar: The Future of FMCG E-commerce

Presenter:Kieran Duke, Director of Data Science Client Lead & Charmi Agrawal, Lead Data Scientist, Nielsen Global MarketsΩ
Location: 9am (Mexico City/Bogota)
10am (Ontario)
11am (Sao Paulo/Santiago)
3pm (London/Lagos)
4pm (Cairo/Johannesburg/Prague/Rome)
5pm (Moscow/Istanbul/Nairobi/Riyadh)
6pm (Dubai)
7pm (Karachi)

Duration: One hour

Cost: Complimentary

Event hashtag: #fmcgecommerce

The e-commerce opportunity in FMCG has been a discussion point for many years and has been slower than many expected in some markets while grown more in others. Understanding the enabling pillars and barriers that has seen the e-commerce component either stall or grow can help organizations time their investment and focus across countries and regions.

Nielsen has driven analysis of these pillars across 34 markets with comprehensive modeling for FMCG E-commerce sizing and growth to 2022. Using examples from lead e-commerce markets to demonstrate the evolution of consumer adoption and behavior provides a rich set of considerations to identify challenges and opportunities in a platform that companies must get right.

Join Kieran and Charmi from the Nielsen Data Science team, as they share global insights and regional examples as to why some markets will accelerate in FMCG e-commerce sales while others will be slower to adopt. They will also discuss what opportunities are available for manufacturers, retailers, marketers and related organizations to leverage data, personalization and technology to ensure that your business is riding the wave of what’s next in FMCG e-commerce?

Webinar highlights include: 

  • Factors that are influencing FMCG e-commerce growth and what do they look like by region
  • What the FMCG e-commerce evolution landscape looks like in leading markets
  • Country examples of e-commerce size and growth up to the year 2022
  • Which approaches may flourish and what your businesses can do now to win

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