Marketing Research in 2015: Art of the Science

Marketing Research in 2015: Art of the Science

Few industries are as fascinating as Marketing Research. This might sound strange as research usually has a connotation of being a lot of statistics and analysis, very dry.

The sole objective of research is to get to the truth of the matter, whether it is scientific, medical and marketing is no difference.

For example, two competing brands could launch the exact same new flavor, one will win and one will fail and the reason behind it might seem like a mystery. That’s what marketing research uncovers. Every ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer has a story behind it, and reading what hasn’t been said but portrayed is an art and a skill in itself.

Putting the scores of data together in such a way that would tell a story which will serve as a guide to our client towards success, that is the art behind the science.

The scope of research expanded beyond simply asking people questions, to studying shopping behaviors in store. In the era of TV expansion, Nielsen expanded its scope to include what people watch and how it influences them.

In 2009 Nielsen globally followed the consumer online as the Internet witnessed an unprecedented boom.

The question that bears asking is: where is Egypt in all of this?

The year 2015 marks the 20th year Nielsen has been in the country* and has witnessed and had the privilege of developing the field of marketing research throughout this time.

At the beginning all that was requested were simple questionnaires to be conducted, and with time we successfully worked with our clients to develop it from a straightforward survey to a deep dive into the customer’s psyche through qualitative research, syndicated studies and retail measurement.

Meanwhile, we diligently monitored what is happening on the online front, and things have been expanding and it’s time to take notice.

Egypt is steadily getting closer to the 50% Internet penetration mark, and when we checked to see who was online, turns out everyone is connected!

Thanks to the varieties and packages made available by phone manufacturers and network providers, affordability was removed as a barrier. Even the late adopters of technology, which in this case was the older generations, are quickly coming online. From those who fall under the age bracket of 55+, 45% of them have only joined the Internet community in the last year. Youth are spending 22 hours a week online.

Brands have not delayed in going online, practically all companies are on Facebook. But is that really where they should be?

Not necessarily, for many reasons.

First, there is a lot of competition fighting for your consumer’s attention.

Second, while your consumers are checking into the popular social media platform, is your company’s messaging really what they looking for?

This year, 2015, is about getting ‘Online’ right from a marketing perspective. It will be about how we as researchers and consultants, connect with the consumers via the web. It will be about navigating the online mind of the consumer, one which is now always connected.

‘Digital’ will have a whole new meaning in 2015.