The Golden Growth Opportunity for U.S. Drugstores

Increasingly for drugstores, the way to consumer wallets is through their diet. However, Nielsen’s 2019 Health Care study showed that only 24% of consumers are satisfied with the health food selection in drugstores. Within the drugstore market, there’s a golden opportunity for growth.

Nielsen Design Impact Awards

This year’s winners represent a wide range of business situations across food, beverage, personal and home care. Some transformed brands; others tacked challenges with competing in saturated categories; and some adapted heritage brands to stay relevant amid an evolving FMCG landscape.

Fresh Foods Cut Down the Nets in 2019 Total Store Bracket

Using our uniquely integrated sales universe, we created our annual bracket that pits different areas of the store against one another to understand what area of the store is winning. This year, we ranked each of our 16 standard departments based on its 2018 volume sales. Departments advanced based...

What Food-Related Causes Do U.S. Consumers Care About Today?

For companies to successfully fulfill the demand for greater transparency, they need to be in tune to what causes and concerns consumers care about. A recent Nielsen study identified 16 hot topics related to today’s food/grocery industry and noted Americans’ level of awareness and interest in...