Are Americans Ready for a Smart Home?

New technology is everywhere. From the cars we drive to the stores where we shop, technology is changing our lifestyles. But when it comes to the walls in which we live, however, adoption rates for smart home products is still a work in progress.

The Hispanic Home Ownership Gap

After peaking at 50% in 2007, the Hispanic home ownership rate in the U.S. now stands at 45%—and it’s declining. While most Hispanics say they plan to buy in the next five years, less than one-fourth say they’re prepared to do so.

Uncommon Sense: Where America Is Moving

Nearly half of all American households plan to move at some point in the future. And because how many Americans move, and how they make their moving choices, is of enormous importance to the U.S. economy, it’s important to understand where future home and community demand is headed.

Can't Get No (Housing) Satisfaction

One in three U.S. households plans to move in the next five years. Many are unsatisfied with their certain aspects of their living situations. The Demand Institute has termed these gaps between what Americans have and what they say they need or want the “Satisfaction Gap.”

Baby Boomers: Not Heading South For Their Golden Years

Boomers have contributed significantly to the U.S. economy over the years, and they remain significant consumers, particularly with respect to housing. In fact, they’ll spend $1.9 trillion on home purchases and $500 billion on rent between now and the start of the next decade.

Insurance: To Switch, or Not to Switch

While some things get better with age, other things can fall victim to inattention over time. Whether it’s because we’re strapped for time or simply not very interested in the subject, insurance often falls into the “I’ll deal with it later” bucket rather than landing at the top of our...

U.S. Communities: A Look at the Extremes

There’s no better way to assess the health and wellbeing of the U.S. than by looking at its communities. While it’s true that no two communities are identical, the diversity of the country’s fabric isn’t infinite. In fact, a recent report from The Demand Institute identified nine...