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Local Watch: Where You Live and its Impact On Your Choices

1 minute read | January 2014

It seems that no matter how busy we get, we still find time to view the content we like. And it will come as no surprise that the time viewers spent viewing across platforms has increased as access to mobile devices and time-shifting has made industry gains. Watching content on a local level has a unique effect—it connects us to our communities, while it informs us and empowers us as participants in the close-knit fabric of our daily lives.

And regardless of how we access this content, our collective instinct is to engage with it, and share it with others. As marketers and media companies explore ways to reach consumers in new and exciting ways, we offer a look into unique characteristics and trends in local markets. Some of these insights might surprise you, while others will confirm what you’ve suspected all along. Each insight represents an opportunity to make a connection and create a stronger, more engaged community.

In addition to noting trends at a high level, this report takes an even closer look at two markets in particular: Miami and Washington, D.C. It also pays special attention to a handful of key local categories: health care and quick-service restaurants, highlighting the differences and similarities related to each across markets.

Live TV is Still on Top

The way we watch content is continually evolving, particularly as technology advances and mobile device penetration increases. DVR playback and over-the-top streaming play a part in how consumers watch content, but live TV still dominates how consumers across the country watch their content.  

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