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Case Study: Seamlessly Driving Awareness

1 minute read | September 2015

Native advertising provides an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers within the digital ecosystem by seamlessly integrating into a site experience. However, with this integrated experience, advertisers need to understand if the campaign is driving the desired result and resonating with consumers.

Instinctive, a content syndication platform, works with advertisers and agencies to distribute brand content within native integrations. For an upcoming product launch, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer teamed up with Instinctive to syndicate brand content in real-time. To understand the effectiveness of the campaign elements, Instinctive wanted to use real-time, brand relevant metrics.

Instinctive used Nielsen Digital Brand Effect to measure the campaign’s ability to drive awareness and make optimization decisions while the campaign was still running.

To learn more about how Instinctive used native advertising to drive awareness for a new product launch, watch the video below and download the case study at the end of the video.

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