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Case Study: The Evolution of Digital Video Viewership

1 minute read | September 2015

As the viewership landscape continues to evolve, more and more adults are shifting their attention to digital video platforms. Advertisers and agencies are interested in understanding how shifting viewing trends of premium video will influence brand impact and campaign effectiveness. In-depth viewership metrics, focused on digital video growth, is needed to develop highly effective strategies and maximize ROI.

To gain a better understanding of video consumption patterns, Google partnered with Nielsen to uncover deeper insights into year-over-year changes in the time viewers spend on TV, YouTube and other digital properties as measured across devices, including televisions, desktops, smartphones and tablets.  

Nielsen’s analysis revealed that for 18-49 year olds, time spent watching TV fell by almost 10%, whilst the time spent on YouTube shot up 44% from December 2013 to December 2014 (December was selected as it’s traditionally a heavy TV viewing month). YouTube also led all digital video platforms during the same period, reaching more adults than any other premium digital video platform.

This research has shown that digital video is an increasingly important opportunity for advertisers and agencies to reach a growing audience and communicate their brand message. Google has validated YouTube’s growing prowess as a digital video platform that can provide tremendous incremental reach.

For additional insights, download the full case study.

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